Sixth Sense

This page expands and explains the powers attributed to the psychic power Sixth Sense

  • Sensitivity — this ability improves the character's senses, allowing the character to see better in fog or poor light (but not in total darkness), hear better in situations where there is a lot of noise, etc. This ability may only be used to augment.
  • Darksense — this ability allows the character to see in situations of total darkness or when the character is somehow blinded.
  • Subtle Sight — the character can perceive the psychic auras of others. Auras can reveal general states of mind, whether someone is a human or alien, and whether the character has psychic powers (though not what those powers might be).
  • Premonition — this allows the character to sense danger before it can harm him or her. The character must actively check for danger, this power does not work automatically. This power only works to reveal immediate danger.
  • Far Sight — this power allows the character to view a distant place. Resistance for this power is based on the character's familiarity with the specified location, not on distance.
    • The character's own home (13)
    • The character's home town or neighborhood (2M)
    • A place that the character is personally familiar with, i.e. anywhere the psychic has been to and can consciously remember.(10M)
    • An unfamiliar place that the character knows about, i.e. famous buildings on Holy Terra or places that the character has studied through maps or detailed records.(10M2)
    • An unknown place where the character has a personal link, i.e. a place where a friend is being held hostage.(10M3)
    • A completely unknown place.(10M4)

(NOTE: resistance numbers are first draft only, and may be subject to change.)

  • Far Sound — this power is similar to Far Sight, but lets the character hear a distant place. The difficulties are the same as for Far Sight.
  • Wyrd Sight — the character can sense normally invisible occult activity, such as theurgy rites, psychic powers, occult artifacts, etc. This ability can only be used actively, not as an augment.
  • Sense shock — this ability allows the character to overload the senses of the target, and can be used to injure or incapacitate foes. This ability can only be used actively, not as an augment.
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