NeVaga Nolent

NeVaga Nolent is a proud, fit and stealthy traditional Ukar with Sixth Sense. She has been tapped by Baak for a high security project. Her early combat training from Valkoln has made her an intimidating foe. She is a keen markswoman. She is intelligent and has a knack for using technology. Her work is notorious among her fellow Scravers for her ability to hide and smuggle objects. She is outfitted with blaster pistol, dueling shield, and a clan kraxi knife. Aquilegia is the only human she doesn’t completely mistrust.

Driving Ambition: NeVaga is driven to help and protect her people from any more injury.


  • She is mistrustful of humans, and finds it difficult to take what they say at face value.
  • NeVaga will seek revenge on those who do her a grave wrong.
  • She has a darker side of Urge.

Description: NeVaga is tall and slender, around 5’-6” with white hair and solid black eyes. Her skin is pale, almost blueish, and ornately decorated in dark, raised scars. She is quiet, and her movements seem almost premeditated.

Draft Abilities

Clan Nolent
Ukar (Keyword) [knavery, martial arts (kraxi or jox kai von), Ukari Lore, Ukari culture, Speak Urthish, Survival, Sensitive Touch]1
GoQuan Malak Baak [Patron]2

  • Contacts, Nadakira's palace: 17M2
  • Contacts, Traditionalist clans: 17M2
  • Contacts, Allied clans: 17M2
  • Wealth: 5M3

Boss Brak3 Valkoln Nolent [Contact]

  • Contacts in the Scravers Guild: 7M
  • Contacts in the Nolent Clan: 7M
  • League Contacts: 2M
  • Ukar Contacts: 2M

Combat Mastery
Knack for using technology
Sixth Sense (Keyword) [Sensitivity, Darksense, Subtle Sight, Premonition, Subtle Sight, Wyrd Sight]
Scraver (Keyword) [Gambling, Inquiry, Knavery, Speak Scraver cant, Streetwise]
Blaster pistol
Duelling shield
Clan kraxi knife
Mistrusts humans


Unless the clan Kraxi knife has special or unique abilities, you can probably leave it out of the 100 words and assume that you have one. Likewise the hand laser might be changed to something such as "marksmanship" or just subsumed under "combat mastery". I only listed one ability for "hide and smuggle" since it seemed to me that one subsumed the other, but if there is a reason to have them both I am open to it. Otherwise you can cut out one and save yourself a couple of words for other things.

Current character sheet (Excel format)

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