Episode 5 — Scraver Business

NeVaga assures her Ukar compatriots that no, she doesn’t want them to kill Aquilegia, and she can keep the situation under wraps. They give her three days to solve the situation before they take it into their own hands.

Vjordnik the fisherman rows NeVaga and the unconscious baroness back pier-side. Glaring and her neck hurting, Aquilegia makes her way back towards the Cathedral of St. Maya to get lodgings at one of the pilgrim-houses.

NeVaga then excuses herself in order to go contact the Scraver Guild and negotiate a settlement. She contacts her uncle Valkoln Nolent and asks him to come meet her in the Holy City so that they may discuss a delicate matter in person.

They meet in an Ukar eating establishment and NeVaga cautiously outlines the situation for Valkoln. He has no authority planet-side, but he suggests that she speaks to Director Draqua joLash as the ranking Ukar Scraver on Byzantium Secundus, and appealing to her business sense. Consul Antonio Suvatski, the head Scraver on the planet, may also be an ultimate recourse.

Meanwhile, Aquilegia goes to see Fellow Tutti Leomone to get an understanding of who she’s dealing with, and to see if she can redirect her towards some other site. Fellow Leomone is sympathetic but this her first “big” job; she was the one who identified the site as a potential dig and was suprised that it was then assigned to her rather than a more senior Scraver; she doesn’t want to jeopardize her new position. Nevertheless, she is interested in the possibility of a future dig on Cadavus and willing to look at trading for another dig if Aquilegia finds one. After this meeting, Aquilegia asks Manager Nathalie Snave to look into other holding of Dame Dana Bray which might have potential for future digs.

NeVaga investigates the interested parties among the Scraver Guild. Director Mallory Crothers oversees Scraver operations on Old Istanbul; Consul Oliver Lords is representative of the Scravers Guild to the court of the Emperor; Manager Max Gibb oversees Scraver operations in the Holy City; and Fellow Tutti Leomone oversees the Ukartown dig in the Holy City.


Aquilegia and NeVaga regroup; after a bit of awkwardness, they exchange information and formulate a plan to locate an alternate dig site and convince the Scraver Guild to swap it for Ukartown, foregoing the swipe at House Cameton in the name of internal peace and avoiding Ukar anger. With research, NeVaga locates a submerged research facility off the North coast of Gasperah, in Director joLash’s territory. The location has been submerged for ages and potentially left untouched; it was a Second Republic magrail repair, maintenance, and possibly construction facility that could allow the currently abandoned lines to be reactivated.

NeVaga approaches Director joLash to offer the deal; she is willing to go for it if NeVaga can get Dame Dana Bray to agree that she will owe her a favour. NeVaga returns to the Holy City and tells Aquilegia the results of her interview. Aquilegia speaks to Dame Bray and they end up negotiating the following deal: jo Lash will assist Dame Bray in discrediting the Scraver claim on the facility (unspecified how, though it turns out to be a document claiming the Scraver deed is a forgery). In exchange the Scraver's Guild has permission to open businesses on Dame Bray's lands (though no patronage), gets 20% net profits from any finds at the facility, and is assured of guild representation at any recovery digs there. Director jo Lash also gets the location of the Mag Rail repair facility from NeVaga.

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