• Baroness Aquilegia Masseri — Questing Knight and heir to the poorest of the Minor Noble Houses
  • NeVaga Nolent — Ukar Scraver torn between strict loyalty to her heritage and the need to protect it along with hated Humanity against a greater threat


Aquilegia's Entourage

  • Captain Katrina Merced — captain of Aquilegia's ship

House Masseri

  • Marquis Claudio Masseri — Patriarch of the Masseri family, criminal, traitor, mentally unhinged; Aquilegia's father; on the run from Imperial authority.
  • Lina Masseri — Successful mercenary, Aquilegia's older sister. She renounced her family heritage.
  • Yeoman Carter — Psychic, beholden to the Masseri family; left debilitated by the Loa virus.
  • Sir Ward — Baronet beholden to the Masseri family, Imperial Eye agent.
  • Sir Bertram Torenson — Seneschal of Aquilegia's household on Cadavus.
  • Sgt. Morhan — serf, member of the Ranger patrol that recently fought a slaver raid; temporarily posted as courier to Lady Aquilegia on Byzantium Secundus as a reward.

Major Houses


  • Dame Alicia Silvers — young woman suspected of being Emperor Alexius's illegitimate daughter and possible heir
  • Agent Constultius Fortitude Zebulon "Snake" Plissken — Imperial Eye Agent and Dame Alicia's bodyguard

Li Halan

  • Baronet Rhea Li Halan — Rampart noble whose son disappeared while they were visiting the Veridian Spaceport on Byzantium Secundus
  • Armand Li Halan — Baronet Rhea's eight-year old son
  • Count Senestro Li Halan — Baronet Rhea's evil uncle

Merchant League

  • Sergeant Jake Wilkinson — Muster mercenary with a code of honour. Hired on occasion by Aquilegia, since he's been reliable and loyal.
  • David Schnack — Charioteer, pilot of the Pious Merchant for Manager Karlson of the Muster.


  • Genin Neepo Chuk Yaga — Gannock Scraver on Fort St. Elmo
  • Mother Mary Cleophas — the abbess of the Monastery of the Holy Myrrhbearers, the Hesychast order which also tends Fort St. Elmo station's hydroponics and other crops
  • Stepteptep Wogwog — Gannock, a relative of Imperial jester Stukeneneer
  • Chuph Lolo — Gannock, leader of the Lolo clan

Byzantium Secundus


  • Sir Thoktika'a Huvuru al-Dubhai — Etyri Questing Knight, Aquilegia's patron.
  • Marquessa Lekoya Scareenon Astanyani — Governor of Byzantium Secundus (House Cameton).
  • Dame Dana Bray — landlord of the Holy City Ukartown (House Cameton).
  • Dame Donaldina Cameton — controls the area in which the Veridian Spaceport outfalls open.


  • Hiram — a five-year-old urchin in the care of the Amalthean mission in the Agora.
  • Deacon Sheb Mokira — head of the Amalthean mission which provides free medical succour for the poor.
  • Bishop Demijanik — Deacon Mokira's superior in the Amalthean Order; based at the Cathedral of St. Maya.
  • Paulo and Sarafina — two young novitiates rescued from the Oubliette guild and the Port Authority.
  • Simon Bray — Knight of Amalthea, assigned to protect the Amalthean mission in the Agora.


  • Boss Mortensen — mid-level enforcer of the Port Authority.
  • Boss Alzbeth Sumitomo — mid-level Scraver in charge of watching the limited operations at the Agora; blonde and business-like.
  • Fellow Tutti Leomone — up-and-coming young technology reclaimer who has been investigating Ukartown.
  • Director Mallory Crothers — oversees Scraver operations on Old Istanbul
  • Manager Max Gibb — oversees Scraver operations in the Holy City
  • Fellow Adam — of the Supreme Order of Engineers, responsible for some of the wastewater systems in Veridian Spaceport
  • Manager Karlson — MId- to high-level Slaver blackmailing jester Stukeneneer


  • Xanna Hamilton — maid at the Imperial palace; her brother Ravi is a Muster on Bannockburn


  • Stukeneneer — Imperial jester; Gannock with black and white fur


  • Mustapha — independent (yeoman) fisherman, agent of the al-Malik secret police; killed by Lina Masseri
  • Emir Shereen Gull al-Malik — the titular ruler of the Satrapy of Isfahan
  • Baronet Qays al-Malik - senior al-Malik representative in the city of Isfahan
  • Sir Yazeed Keddah — Imperial representative to the Satrapy
  • Colonel Indrit Zhuzhumi — commander of Fort Al-Helaleya and leader in charge of all Muster operations within al-Malik space
  • Major Mochizuki Danuwa — second in command of Fort Al-Helaleya and Colonel Zhuzhumi's aide
  • Chief Morgan Wells — overseer of the Isfahan slave market
  • Fleet-Master Alejandro Astentzio — head of the Fisherman's Guild and governor of the city of Isfahan
  • Yeoman Vetsera Erduvil — informal head of the Yeoman fishermen of Isfahan
  • Bishop Lonzo Jonadab — leading Church representative in Isfahan, and head of the Cathedral of Saint Wahid
  • Illuminatus Quisma Ranga — leader of the Eskatonic community in Isfahan
  • Oblate Ranasinghe Sen — head of the small Amalthean community within the Satrapy of Isfahan
  • Manager Jalla Sivver - a mid-level Muster operative in charge of the Muster roustabouts in the dock area and starport


  • Lord Randall Hawkwood — leader of the forest pagans on the Clement Barony and island, rebelling against his brother's authority
  • Baron Clement Hawkwood — ruler of the Clement Barony, loyal vassal of Duke Rochefort
  • Duke William Rochefort Hawkwood — Duke of Tolth, leading a cruel Inquisition and genocide against the forest pagans of Gwynneth


  • Duke Savin Decados — Marquis Claudio Masseri's closest neighbour on Manitou and the only one to have visited the Marquis. Wanted by the Orthodox Church and Temple Avesti for the heresy of ancestor-worship.
  • Dame Bertha Torensen — Marquis Claudio's only other neighbour
  • “Textbook” — Imperial Eye agent
  • Timoffeo Hawkwood — vehemently anti-Alexius and banished to Manitou
  • Taudwan Thiel Draka — a priest of Uysadda the Masked God
  • Ms. Kelli — agent of the Council of Worthies
  • Mr. Kris — agent of Pantokratoros & Offspring, a large banking firm that operates out of Mount Athos

Ukar society

  • Brak Valkoln Nolent — Mid-level Scraver and mid-level noble Ukar, NeVaga's uncle and mentor.
  • GoQuan Malak Baak — Confidential assistant to Nadakira Surtam oj Malak Sojo.
  • Director Draqua jo Lash — a powerful Ukar overseeing Scraver operations on two continents of Byzantium Secundus.
  • Nadakira Surtam oj Malak Sojo — The Nadakira is the traditional God-Emperor of the Ukar, and is a hereditary position within Clan Malak (which is the oldest of the clans). At some times in Ukari history the Nadakira has, in fact, ruled over all Ukar, but at present the Nadakira is primarily a spiritualist position without direct political power. Nevertheless the Nadakira is well loved by the Ukari.
  • Torquil oj Borduk — Grand Chieften of the Allied Clans, Torquil is supposedly the top of the political chain for the Ukar, but the League and the al-Malik could get rid of him in a second if he causes them too much grief. He is by no means a weak leader, but is very constrained in what he can and cannot do. He also has a lot of irons in the fire, having to worry about Ukari populations on several worlds. Because he has to walk a pretty fine line (and because he works with the human overlords) a lot of Ukar don't like him. The rebel clans, of course, hate his guts and want him dead.
  • Maat — a fisherman of the Holy City Ukartown community, and a friend of Sister Theaphana al-Malik.
  • Vjordnik — a boatman of the Ukartown community.
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