Campaign Basics

Genre: Science Fiction Space Opera, with swashbuckling

Setting: The Known Worlds. Prominent worlds in the campaign include Byzantium Secundus (seat of the government), Cadavus (holdings of House Masseri), Kordeth (home of the Ur Ukar), Aylon (where some of NeVaga's family dwells), and Daishan (former home of House Masseri, now overrun by Symbiots) - others depending how the story runs, include Pandemonium & Stigmata.

Mode: Epic. Sweeping tales of heroism against a backdrop of great historical events. It is a year of great meaning — the year of Alexius's coronation as Emperor of the Known Worlds. But dark forces still plot to wrest the crown from his hand, and all still remember the curse of Vladamir, slain at the very moment of his coronation, which plunged the Known Worlds into Civil War. On the borders of the Imperium the Vuldrok watch for weakness. On Stigmata the war against the Symbiots continues unabated. Within their cantonments and reservations, the aliens look to Alexius to free them from their oppression, but after long years hope is beginning to fade, and anger is beginning to build. And the enigmatic Vau are seen in increasing numbers throughout human space.

Premise: characters are associated with House Masseri, either as members of the House itself or as loyal retainers. Bringing back the characters from the previous campaign is perfectly acceptable.

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