Cathedral: Cathedral of the Holy Myrrhbearers (Hesychast)
Agora: Muster (Fort Elmo, orbiting Bannockburn)
Garrison: 9 (Elite Muster units, Muster Navy)
Tech: there are extensive Ur ruins scattered around Bannockburn, but all are believed to have been picked clean of useful artifacts centuries ago.
Human Population: 187 million
Alien Population: 10 million (estimated) Gannock
Resources: Ore, timber, agriculture, petrochemicals
Exports: Weapons, weapons systems, mercenaries
Landscape: Bannockburn is 50% water, but this is broken up into no less than 49 small seas scattered around the planet. The planet spins considerably faster than Terra - a single day is only 13 hours. The equatorial region has been pulled outwards by the rapid spin of the planet, causing a ring of mountains and highlands that girdle the globe. Most human habitation is in the highland ring. Weather patterns on Bannockburn change rapidly and unpredictably, though the lack of very large bodies of water limits the size of storms somewhat.

Bannockburn is the seat of the Muster, and they run it as their own private fief. The presence of the Imperium, the Noble Houses, the Church, and even other members of the League, is small and tightly controlled. The Muster has been able to get away with this so far because their assistance against the Symbiotes and the Vuldrock is simply too valuable to risk angering them, and no faction wants the largest mercenary army in the Known Worlds mad at them. Since Alexius has come to power, he has taken some steps to pressure the Muster into opening Bannockburn up more, but with only limited success thus far.

The Muster uses Bannockburn as their headquarters. Parts of the planet are extensively industrialized, turning out the guns, tanks, ration packs, and starship parts that the Muster needs to keep supplied. Other parts of Bannockburn are barely touched, and are used mostly for combat training when used at all. Humans generally keep to the uplands and rocky highlands of the planet, as these are the areas that are easiest to mine. The Gannock population keeps primarily to the forested lowlands. There is some contact between the two populations, but not much. The Muster is quite respectful of the areas that Gannock families call home.

The first (and quite possibly only) place that most visitors to Bannockburn see is the orbital docking facility and starport of Fort Elmo. Most non-Muster vessels must dock here (it requires a special license to land directly on the planet's surface). Security is extremely tight at Fort Elmo, for it is not only the gateway to Bannockburn, but also the home port of the Muster fleet. There is a small office of the Imperial Eye located here - the only overt Imperial presence in the system. The Royal Houses (and some of the Minor Houses) also maintain holdings on Fort Elmo in order to conduct business with the Muster, and the Orthodox Church maintains a presence here as well. A good deal of Muster business goes on at Fort Elmo, and many of those who trade in the system do so without ever setting foot on the world below.

The single publicly accessible starport and capital of Bannockburn is Fort Angelo, a thriving community and manufacturing center of approximately 10 million. The main cathedral of the planet is located here - the Cathedral of the Holy Myrrhbearers, operated by a small Hesychast sect unique to Bannockburn. The various members of the League all have offices and facilities here, but Noble House representation is limited to a rather large fiefdom of House Hawkwood to the east of the city.

Smaller cities, focused mostly on the production of raw materials or foodstuffs, are scattered around the uplands and highlands. Brother Battle holds a small fief where they train in combat operations (and occasionally hold combined exercises with Muster units).

It is widely rumored that the Muster holdings on Bannockburn are the main clearinghouse for the Muster slave trade. In particular it is believed that the "involuntary conscripts" headed for the Stigmata garrison are given rudimentary training here. So far these rumors are unproven - possibly because nobody is willing to look too closely yet. Rumors of populations of humans who have "gone Gannock" are discounted as an elaborate practical joke on the part of the aliens.

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