Amalthean Rituals
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Life Web

Skill: Sense
Difficulty: Very Easy: population in tens of billions; Easy: population in billions; Moderate: population in hundreds of millions; Difficult: population in tens of millions; Very Difficult: population in millions; Heroic: population in hundreds of thousands.
Keep Up?: No.
Prerequisites: Life Detection, Life Sense, Sense Wyrd.
Description/Notes: Time to Use: 2 days (or more). The Theurge must choose a specific species as a specialization; each one after the first costs three character points. The Theurge must be familiar with the species. If successful, the Theurge can sense a general direction of the population, and if the roll beats the target by 10, also the approximate distance. This power cannot detect populations of beings numbering less than 100,000. The Theurge may add an additional +2D to his/her roll for each additional two days of continuous concentration.

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